Tips For Better PPC Campaigns

It’s pretty common for business owners trying a new marketing media to want to test before commiting a large spend. However most traditional forms of advertising have a relatively large barrier to entry.

Testing out a new medium like radio, print, or television requires a significant investment. The above video points out that most businesses would never consider a payment plan for Yellow Pages that only printed in a few copies regardless of the cost savings. However every day business owners unfamiliar with pay per click advertising do exactly this type of behavior.

Google and other search engines allow everyone to advertise and do not enfore a minumum entry price. However PPC advertising is an auction based environment and like any auction unless your able to keep bidding your chance of success is minimal.

One of the most important metrics to review in a PPC campaign is your search impression share. This value shows how frequently your ads are displayed versus how often your terms are searched.

If your search impression share is less than 50% its like having a yellow page ad that only shows up in half the books.

Free SERP Tracking

What is Search Ranking Checker?
Anyone with a website knows the importance of ranking high with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Websites can get lost in thousands of other websites competing for viewers and end with little to no traffic, with Search Ranking Checker website owners can track the ranking of their websites to see how their sites traffic compares to the competition.

How it works!
Search Rank Checker provides fully automated updates which can be monitored on a daily bases or a weekly bases. Website owners can track up to four URL’s besides tracking five search phrases. Other benefit of Search Rank Checker provides accurate positions, as micro sites and social media sites are included.

Signing up for Search Rank Checker is free with the option to upgrade. Customers have two choices for upgrade packages. The standard ranking update package subscription offers tracking of 10 or 25 keywords, while the Premium ranking update package provides ranking updates daily for all keywords, and tracks the ranking of four additional websites. The premium package offers tracking for 5, 10 and 25 keywords,

There is no need to continue checking Google, Bing, and Yahoo for website rankings when Search Rank Checker can track keyword phrases, as well as up to four additional URL’s, track and monitor social media sites and micro sites which provide accurate website positions. Package memberships are available with a choice of standard or premium packages, which provide the option of tracking multiple keywords. Sign up free today.

Bing to Begin Powering Yahoo! Organic Search…This Week

I expected the Bing/Yahoo! search alliance to begin early Q1 of 2011.  Apparently things are ahead of schedule as I just received this notice for Microsoft AdCenter.

This is an exciting week for Bing as we reach another major milestone in the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. This week, Bing will begin powering organic search results on Yahoo! Search for the English language in the United States and Canada.

After this organic transition is complete, Bing will power 5.2 billion monthly searches, which is 31.6 percent of the search market share in the United States and 8.6 percent share in Canada.1 You can take advantage of this traffic by using search engine optimization (SEO) to complement your search campaigns and boost the visibility of your business. Bing webmaster tools can help you troubleshoot the crawling and indexing of your site, submit sitemaps, and view statistics about your sites—all to improve your visibility on Bing. Get started by visiting the Bing Toolbox or watching our video.

Advertise on Yahoo! Search and Bing through adCenter
If you currently advertise on Yahoo! Search, you will soon have the option to use a transition tool in Yahoo! Search Marketing that will walk you through the steps to transition your Yahoo! Search campaigns into Microsoft Advertising adCenter. This transition tool is currently in testing with a select group of advertisers. We plan to make it available to all Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers in the coming weeks, giving you the ability to advertise on Yahoo! Search and Bing with one adCenter ad buy.

To help you prepare for a successful transition, please continue to work with your existing support contacts and visit the Microsoft Transition Center for the latest information about the new marketplace. Remember, our primary goal is to provide you with a quality transition experience in 2010, while protecting the holiday season. However, if we conclude that it would improve the overall experience, we may choose to defer the transition to 2011.

We appreciate your business and look forward to bringing you the benefits of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance.


Your partners in the search alliance, Yahoo! and Microsoft

Google to Launch a Search Engine Optimization Firm?

Newswire reports that Google is planning on launching their own SEO firm. Full story here

The article states the following:

  • Google is assembling a Google SEO team of approximately 100 employees
  • Early estimates place the cost of this service in the neighborhood of $25,000 per month
  • Google wants to set the standard for an industry that outsiders so often criticize

The question is whether or not this story is true?  Can anyone independently confirm?

I sincerely doubt the validity of this story as a Google SEO firm would eliminate the credibility of their search results.

New Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Google appears to have launched a new version of their keyword research tool today.

You can view the tool here

Side by side tests between keywords returned using the new tool and the keywords from legacy show significant differences in search volume.

It seems to show more much more diverse keywords than the legacy tool. For example the keyword – medical tourism displayed 150 related keywords all containing medical tourism in the root word.

The new tool provided 8 main categories including groups related to: surgery, abroad, and hospitals.

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