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Importance of Search Optimization

By greyholme | September 30, 2009

Building a strong presence on Search Engines is a must for any business intending on expanding their customer base.  The question is how high does your website have to rank in the search results to be successful.  Is the first page enough or do you need to be in the top five.  The following graphics outline a typical click through rate on the results page.

Keep in mind these are for non-universal results.  If anyone has data about CTR’s with universal resulting being displayed please share!  I would love to see this information

serp heat map

Cornell University Eye-Tracking Analysis of SE Users’ Behavior

One of the classic search engine eye tracking studies was performed at Cornell University by Laura A. Granka, Thorsten Joachims and Geri Cay . They studied a sample of undergraduate students instructed to perform search in Google for 397 queries o topics covering movies, travel, music, politics, local and trivia. This study has produced the following results, which are not too surprising.  This study was conducted in 2004 prior to Universal Search.  I would love to see a duplicate study running with local maps, video, news, and products littering the results page.

serp click distributionImage Courtesy of SEO Researcher

SEO Scientist has compiled a list of four major eye tracking studies and compared the results side by side in the following chart.  The results clearly indicate the top three results receive a majority of the searchers interest.


Image Courtesy of SEO Scientist

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